iGoPro - It Goes Where You Go

Posted by Assistive Technology Today on 7/26/2019
With the iGoPro, you’ll get the best of all worlds: a high-definition video magnifier, distance viewing, optical character recognition and the unparalleled performance of Apple’s iconic iPad Pro. Best of all, with its folding design and all-day battery, it goes where you go.

Revo2Go WIN - Beneath The Surface

Posted by Assistive Technology Today on 7/10/2019
Revo2Go WIN - Beneath The Surface
The modern student or professional has more technological wizardry riding on their back or under their arm than an Apollo astronaut. And if they happen to be a visually impaired student or professional, that collection of magical items becomes even more numerous and complex. With tablets, laptops, video magnifiers and document cameras, the low-vision student in 2019 has a lot to manage, unless they choose the Revo2Go-WIN. Combining the features of a tried and true video magnifier solution with the cutting-edge performance of Microsoft’s Surface Pro tablets, the Revo2Go-WIN provides an uncompromising combination of power, portability and practicality.