WayAround Sampler Pack

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The Sampler Pack gives you one of each type of WayTag NFC tag, for a total of seven WayTags. At just $12.99, this pack is a great way to try out WayAround and decide which WayTag products you prefer. The Sampler Pack includes the following WayTag NFC tags:
  • 2 WayTag stickers — one square sticker for use on metal and one round “regular” WayTag sticker.
  • 2 WayClips — one square and one round.
  • 2 WayTag buttons — one oval hole button that can be used with a safety pin and one two-hole button that can be sewn into a garment.
  • 1 magnet (It’s square, because it goes on metal).
Remember that square WayTag products work on metal. Round WayTags are “regular” and won’t work on metal.

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