Taptilo 2.0

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What is Taptilo?

Transforming the way braille is taught in schools and at home

More than ever, there is a need for a fun and innovative tool for braille education that meets the goals of today’s educators and braille learners. Meet Taptilo, the first smart device dedicated to braille education.

Teaching made simple and efficient

With Taptilo, it becomes extremely convenient to personalize your lessons, play games with your student, track learning progress, and reinforce learning through various activities. Taptilo provides immediate tactile and audio feedback for the students to help them pick up the learning. It also has various self-study activities with interactive audio instructions that allows students to practice on their own under minimal supervision.

With the new WiFi feature, Taptilo 2.0 becomes even more versatile. Easily download and install new educational content directly to your device with a few taps on your app. Keep your device up-to-date with the latest firmware upgrades and features. Enjoy access to the online library of content, wherever you are connected!

Keep students engaged and entertained

There is nothing more important for an educator than keeping their students engaged and interested in class. Taptilo makes braille fun and interactive by incorporating learning by movement, touch and hearing. Type a word or a secret message from the app and watch braille dots come alive under your students’ fingertips. The jumbo-sized, child-friendly braille blocks can be easily manipulated by young children and help strengthen and refine finger movement as they play. Children can easily follow along games and activities even on their own, thanks to the dynamic audio and tactile guidance.

Connect with your students better

With tons of interactive and personalization features, Taptilo can effectively lower the barrier to early braille education and create a friendly and collaborative environment for learning. Perfect for early introduction to braille literacy. Save time prepping for class and spend more time interacting with students. With Taptilo, teaching braille can be even more fun and fulfilling!

Taptilo 2.0, now with WiFi connectivity!

  • Keep device up-to-date with wireless firmware upgrades
  • Download & install new content and software to the device in just a few minutes
  • Check for new programs, games, subjects (braille math, braille music, coding, etc.)
  • New language packages will soon be available (Spanish, French, Korean, Japanese, etc.)

Physical Orientation


  • 1. Power button (On/off)
  • 2. LED battery indicator
  • 3. Arrow buttons (left, right)
  • 4. Circle button
  • 5. Auto-refresh braille display
  • 6. Writing sensors
  • 7. Braille blocks
  • 8. Volume controller (three levels)
  • 9. Charging port (micro-USB)


Key Features

Packed with useful & versatile teaching resources

  • Includes a basic set of 17+ games and activities, the English alphabet, numbers, and 800+ essential literacy words divided into categories based on reading level.
  • Easy to personalize your own content, upload and manage your own word list.
  • Enhanced app-based control and customization. Flexible teaching options
  • Visually track learning progress with the progress monitor.
  • Uncontracted and UEB available. Option to temporary switch word back and forth from uncontracted to UEB to practice at the same time.
  • By connecting multiple devices to one app, you have the option to teach many students at once.

Fun, engaging learning experience

  • Interactive audio and tactile guidance allows learners of all ages to get started within seconds and follow along easily.
  • With self-study mode (without the app), students can play and learn independently with minimal adult supervision.
  • Fun, dynamic sounds for better engagement and audio-inspired learning and play (animal sounds, objects and vehicles, sounds from nature, etc.)
  • Innovative and engaging design that combines a refreshable braille display to practice reading and a braille writing pad with manipulative blocks to practice writing.

WiFi connectivity & download center

  • Easily download and install new content and language packages in a few minutes.
  • Keep device up-to-date through regular firmware upgrades via the app
  • Manage your content on your app.

Basic Features

Interactive braille display & connectivity

  • Information from the blocks is transmitted and displayed on the braille display and app screen, and vice versa. Taptilo can check the spelling for you.
  • Large size braille, about five times larger than standard braille, provides improved tactile experience for young children to increase finger strength and agility. Large size braille is also helpful for senior users with weakened tactile sensitivity.
  • 9-cell jumbo braille display and 9 manipulative braille blocks which can cover the majority of pre-K, K-6 vocabulary.

Ergonomic, child-friendly design

  • Designed ergonomically with the child in mind. Round shaped, no sharp edges, smooth matte texture, good grip, non-slip base.
  • Individual pins on the blocks have appropriate pressure and gives a satisfying click when pushed until the end.
  • Braille blocks can be held & placed in different directions; the writing sensor works when placed upright as well as upside-down.
  • Simple and intuitive button design and functions

Durable and safe materials

  • Made with durable plastic that is resistant to scratches and stains
  • Safe for children to chew and play with, RoHS compliant.

Various customization options

  • Choose from three different input options for writing: common, reverse, slate & stylus
  • Multiple voice personas available
  • Set daily app push reminder
  • Shuffle word list
  • Simple volume control (3 levels)

Made for itinerant teachers and in-class users

  • Easy to carry, portable design
  • Carrying pouch included
  • Low-power consumption & power-saving features
  • Rechargeable battery

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