Revo2Go-WIN A Complete Solution

Posted by Assistive Technology Today on 8/26/2019
Revo2Go-WIN A Complete Solution
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One of the biggest challenges to students in a modern classroom or professionals during a full work day is the need to adapt to a variety of media and teaching methods. Will the professor use slides or handouts? Will the meeting be in a conference room or an auditorium? Will there be a quiz at the end? But thanks to the broad range of products available to NorthState AT, the answer to all of these questions is simple: it doesn’t matter, because now there’s a package to address almost anything a busy day has to offer. With the Revo Complete, users will get access to a full suite of assistive technology that covers them from skimming the syllabus to sending in the last term paper or seeing the project requirements to finalizing the contracts. 

NorthState AT has established excellent working relationships with industry-leading partners around the world to deliver customers the very best options for magnification, scanning and mobile computing. Whether it’s first-line Microsoft hardware, customized scanning and magnification from TrySight, computer access from Dolphin or the best in wearable technology from Orcam, NorthState AT brings clients the best tools available with unrivaled customer support. This has culminated in the Revo Complete, a package that offers tremendous value with a Revo2Go-WIN Elite video magnifier, Orcam 2, Dolphin Supernova, and all the accessories to turn a desk into a productivity powerhouse.

With the Revo2Go-WIN, NorthState reimagined what could be done with a video magnifier. Users could magnify, capture and perform OCR on print documents, but they could also save those documents onto the solid-state drive of a genuine Windows 10 PC powerful enough to run the most demanding productivity applications. It’s intuitive controls and inclusion of distance magnification made it an instant hit. But if someone didn’t need to save the text they’d scanned and instead needed it right away, there was another product that could do a better job getting necessary information to the user quickly and reliably: the Orcam, a wearable camera with gesture-based controls and the ability to perform facial and product recognition as well. Choosing between these two options was often a tough decision, but now they can be had together with a tremendous savings in accessories. 

The Revo Complete offers customers a game-changing combination of features. Instant OCR that’s always with you through the Orcam offers you the change to read documents as soon as they’re in hand, while Revo2Go-WIN continues to offer easy magnification as part of a full PC experience. Throw in a battery pack to keep both devices running all day and there’s nothing that can’t be done. But the package also offers great software to make the PC experience even better. Dolphin Supernova Screen Reader and Magnifier provides familiar touchscreen controls and full access to web browsing and productivity software. And, if the Revo2Go’s scanning options aren’t enough, you can perform OCR on books, magazine articles, flyers and handouts, as well as image-based PDF files using FineReader Pro.

Like its name suggest, Revo Complete is a total revolution in the way we think assistive technology should work. It’s accessible, efficient, and only growing better with every release. Check out Revo Complete and get in on this revolution in magnification.

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