Revo2Go WIN - Beneath The Surface

Posted by Assistive Technology Today on 7/10/2019
Revo2Go WIN - Beneath The Surface
Reprinted With Permission

The modern student or professional has more technological wizardry riding on their back or under their arm than an Apollo astronaut. And if they happen to be a visually impaired student or professional, that collection of magical items becomes even more numerous and complex. With tablets, laptops, video magnifiers and document cameras, the low-vision student in 2019 has a lot to manage, unless they choose the Revo2Go-WIN. Combining the features of a tried and true video magnifier solution with the cutting-edge performance of Microsoft’s Surface Pro tablets, the Revo2Go-WIN provides an uncompromising combination of power, portability and practicality.

Revo2Go-WIN leverages a two-camera solution to provide the user with a versatile video magnifier experience. You can place a document on the base of the stand to provide high-definition magnification with color-filtering or high-contrast view modes. Or you can lock focus to allow for writing or other manipulation of the object under the camera while maintaining a crystal-clear image. The camera can also snap stills that you can pan or zoom without moving the paper under the camera or save for later viewing. Switching to the included distance camera is as easy as touching a button, allowing access to images projected on large screens, notes or equations on chalkboards or even practical demonstrations at the front of the classroom. The Revo2Go-WIN also offers responsive optical character recognition, converting articles, letters or even longer documents into digital text that can be read aloud, shared, or saved for use in any number of applications. 

Since the Revo2Go-WIN is also a full-sized Windows 10 tablet, it provides access to industry-standard productivity applications. Equipped with Intel’s popular Core i processors, the Revo2Go-WIN provides a lightweight, powerful, long-running and reliable solution that will run anything you throw at it, from word processing to spreadsheets, email, web browsing, and even media creation and editing. With its HDMI port and ability to connect to external docks, the Revo2Go-WIN can serve as a full desktop replacement, while remaining compact enough to toss into almost any backpack or messenger bag. Throw in a large print Bluetooth keyboard and you’re ready for anything from term papers to time sheets. Or, if you like the feel of a pen in your hand, the handwriting recognition on the Surface Pro will make taking lecture or meeting notes a real pleasure.

The Revo2Go-WIN boasts features and build quality that make it at home anywhere from the classroom, to the boardroom, to the family room. It features powerful sound that can fill a generous space but also has a headphone jack for discrete listening. 

It ensures you have enough light to see what you’re working on and can fold into a tiny package that packs away like a laptop. The stand that aligns the tablet camera for magnification or OCR can also be used to position the screen for easy viewing of videos, pictures websites or anything else you can access with the full power of Windows. 

The Revo2Go-WIN lives up to its name, bringing a Revolution in the way people think of video magnifiers to Windows. Take full advantage of the touch performance of the Microsoft Surface Pro, then look beneath the surface for limitless possibilities of truly portable magnification.

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