Magnibot Distance Camera and Reading Stand

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Reading Stand
The Magnibot is a portable, battery-powered distance camera that works with practically any device with a web browser, including iPad, iPhone, Chromebook, Mac, Android and Windows. There are no cords  to hassle with so setup is a breeze and navigation is simple. Just press the icons on the touchscreen to move and adjust the camera. It’s that easy! Best of all, it is small, discreet so it can be placed anywhere in the classroom so students don’t have to have extra equipment at their desk. They can use the same devices and workflow as other students without being “different”.  It’s the perfect distance camera for the low vision classroom!

Meet the NEW Magnibot! A robotic, wireless distance camera perfect for the classroom!


The NEW Magnibot is a wireless battery-powered robotic distance camera that is perfect for the classroom. Connect the Magnibot to an iPad, Chromebook or almost any device with a web browser and control the camera wirelessly from that device! There are no cords to hassle with and setup is a breeze!

Use the powerful optical zoom for crystal-clear magnification across the classroom. When connected to the Magnibot an intuitive touchscreen menu will appear on student’s device. This touchscreen allows students to control magnification, contrast and brightness. They can also use the arrow keys or touchscreen gestures to pan around the room for a better viewing angle. It’s that easy! There is no training necessary so it works great for students of all ages!

The Magnibot is completely wireless so it can be placed anywhere in the classroom. Students can use their favorite device such as an iPad, Chromebook or laptop to control the camera and learn alongside their peers without looking any different.

When class is over, just disconnect the antennae, place the Magnibot into it’s protective carrying case and take it to the next class.


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