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The LyriQ Assistive Reader is designed to assist people living with blindness or vision impairments: this scan-and-read device scans printed documents and reads them out-loud. It is spectacularly fast, extremely accurate, and very easy to use. With the LyriQ, you can read a book, an envelope, the letter that came in it, a prescription label and anything else.

Place the document on the device’s base surface: the LyriQ will immediately scan it and start reading the contents out-loud: no waiting, pressing buttons or any other ways of getting frustrated. The interactive and responsive LyriQ takes a couple of seconds to start reading.

The LyriQ Reader Advantages
Simple: place the printed page on the LyriQ Reader’s reading surface and start listening to the contents
Responsive: immediate result and feedback. No getting lost, no confused waiting
Compact: fold flat, store like a laptop
Intuitive: minimal actions are necessary to make use of other (basic, few and important) device features – convenient large tactile buttons support and assist every step of the way
Battery / AC powered: all-day lasting battery allows taking the device from the living room couch, to the kitchen island and outside to the patio for relaxed and pleasant reading; or plug into an outlet, if sitting close by.

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