Low Vision Pen - (1 pen)

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  • Great replacement for the Original 20/20 pens
  • Easy to see and read with highly visible, black, ink
  • Will not bleed through paper and no smudgine
  • Comfortable grip is great for seniors, or anyone else
  • Ideal for low vision & visually impaired
The NorthState AT Low Vision Pen is a high quality replacement for the original 20/20 low vision pens.  Since they are no longer produced, let our specialists provide you with the next best thing.

The NorthState AT Low Vision Pen writes incredibly smooth and bold which makes it easy to read and see which is ideal for the visually impaired and low vision individuals.  This pen doesn't smudge or bleed through most paper and is ideal for making your easy to ready shopping lists, notes or calendar appointments.  

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