Envision Glasses - Professional Edition

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Envision Glasses are AI-powered smartglasses with an integrated camera and built-in speakers that speak out the visual world. It is a wearable device that significantly improves the daily life of people that are blind or have low vision and provides the most intuitive and easiest way to access all kinds of visual information around you.

Envision Glasses - Professional Edition: Lifetime access and innovation

  • All Envision Glasses features: Instant Text, Scan Text, Batch Scan, Call an Ally, Call Aira, Describe Scene, Detect Light, Recognise Cash, Detect Colors, Find People, Find Objects, Teach a Face and Explore.
  • Lifetime free maintenance and security updates
  • Lifetime subscription to all feature updates and new functionality
  • 2-year warranty 
  • Fashionable Lux Frames

Envision Glasses are designed to be worn all day with its comfortable and lightweight profile. The Professional Edition comes with three kinds of frames:

  • Standard Titanium Frames: this is the lightweight minimal frame with no lenses.
  • Smith Optics Frames: this is the designer spectacle frame with zero-power lenses you can replace with custom prescription lenses.
  • Lux Frames: more subtle fashionable frames with zero-power lenses that you can replace with custom prescription lenses, comes by default with the Professional Edition.

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